Radiation Sensor BG51-OEM 辐射探测器

Teviso Sensor Technologies
    • 产品概况
      • Nuclear Beta and Gamma Radiation Sensor
        - For the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

        The function of the BG51-OEM radiation sensor is based on an array of customized PIN diodes. The integrated pulse discriminator with a temperature compensated threshold level provides true CMOS/TTL signal output. The BG51-OEM is capable of detecting beta radiation (electrons), gamma radiation (photons) and X-rays.
        The performance of the BG51-OEM solid state sensor, in combination with high immunity to electrostatic fields make it a good choice for new state-of-the-art designs as well as for upgrading existing designs.

        Features and Benefits
         Low weight (2,2g)
         New: Ultra low power requirement (25µA)
         Pulse Rate vs. Radiation Rate: 5 cpm/µSv/h
         High immunity to RF and electrostatic fields
         Linear response over wide temperature range (-30°C to 60°C)
         Swiss made
    • 产品特性
      • 注意
        Handle with care. Do not scratch the aluminum shielding! Scratched or damaged foil would reduce the shielding against surrounding light and cause malfunction of the internal PIN diodes.


    • 产品应用
      • 应用说明
        • CubeSats conducting scientific investigations in space
        • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
        • Equipment for detecting radioactivity in medical environment
        • Radiation monitors for nuclear safeguards and security
        • Gamma detector to detect illicit nuclear material