BIO V1 3D生物打印机

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BIOV1 Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Injection Pore Filling (IPF), and Injection Volume Filling (IVF) are available on this 3D bioprinter. 询价
    • Introduction
      • Introduction

        BIO V1

        First choose the surface on which you want to print:

        The configuration of the printing head and the wide range of movements in X, Y and Z allow a precise adjustment that allows the system to print on different surfaces.

        Next, select the tools needed for the materials you will work withs:

        Our head system allows you to include different syringe modules and tools for any application. The modular extrusion head can be configured with different interchangeable extrusion tools, depending on the nature and intrinsic characteristics of the materials. This allows us to have a head adapted to the needs of the materials to be extrudedr.

        The printing head can be configured with four different tools with adjustment movement in the X and Y.

    • Resolution
      • Resolution real in the X e Y axis (spindel movement) = 150 μ m (0.15mm) | Resolution in Z = 400 nm (0,4 microns)

        Theoretical resolution in the X and Y axis = 1.875 micras - 1875 nm

        Thermoplastic extruder Nozzle output diameter 0,4 mm

        Syringes: Several output diameters 0,15 mm, 0,58 mm, 1,20 mm

    • Bioprinting applications
      • Tissue regeneration:
         - Skin - Bone
         - Cartilage - Cardiac tissue
         - Cornea - Tumoral models

        Drug testing

        Biomaterials development

        Personalising treatment: Lab on a chip kit / Organ on a chip

    • Temperature control
      • Temperature control:
         - Thermoplastic Extruder:
           • Filament (Until 250oC)
           • Pellet
         - Biomaterials extrusión (through syringes):
           • -20 until 100 grades
         - Biomaterials light-curing:
           • Ultraviolet light
           • Infrared light
           • Blue light